Lectur Booking

It is possible to book me to hold a lecture at your next local meeting and I am willing to hold a number of lectures at one event if time allows .

I Traditionaly Wear as a Scotsman my kilt when holding lectures which is a very big surprise to the public attending . It is possible to hold all lectures in English or German Language however some of the video information is in English only and are in General 2 hours long .

The titles of my lectures are as follows:

  • The History of Radio Astronomy from 1932 through world war 2 till today .
    (Die Geschichte der Radio Astronomy vom Zweiten Weltkrieg bis heute)
    Media needed: Slide Projector (Dia) Overhead VHS Video
  • The Jodrell Bank Observatory in England
    (Das Radio-Observatorium von Jodrell Bank, England)
    Media needed: Slide Projector (Dia) Overhead
  • The Mullard Observatory in Cambridge .
    (Das Mullard-Observatorium Cambridge, England)
    Media needed: Slide Projector (Dia) Overhead
  • The Effelsberg Radio Telescope in Germany
    (Das Effelsberger Radiotelescope in Deutchland)
    Media needed: Slide Projector (Dia) Overhead
  • Radio Astronomy in Holland at Dwingerloo and Westerbork
    Media needed: Slide Projector (Dia) Overhead
  • KOSMA Sub Milimeter Radio Astronomy On the Gornergrat Mountain in Switzerland
    (Sub Mimimeter Radioastronomie auf dem Gornergrat )
    Media needed: Slide Projector (Dia) Video Beamer for a Laptop
  • The Radio Observatory at Medicina Italy
    Media needed: Slide Projector (Dia) Overhead
  • The Kennedy Space Centre
    Media needed: Slide Projector (Dia)
  • Blue Streak the highly Secret British Rocket program that put man on the moon
    (Das Englische Blue Streak Raketenprogramm und wie Englische Wissenschaftler
    die Geschichte anders schrieben als wie wir sie heute kennen)
    Media needed: Slide Projector (Dia) Overhead VHS Video Video Beamer for a Laptop
  • Comet Material do it yourself A Lab Experiment
    (Ein künstlicher Kometenkern selbstgemacht (Experimentalvortrag)
    Media needed: Contact me
  • S.E.T.I. The Search for Extra Terrestrial Inteligence
    History up till today
    Media needed: Slide projector(Dia) Overhead VHS Video
  • The Radio Observatory Nancey in the South of France one of the Radio Astronomical Jewels of Europe
    Low technology lecture: Slide projector(Dia)
    Hi Technology lecture: Slide projector and Video Beamer

All Lectures may be booked at:

The European Radio Astronomy Club
Ziethen str 97
D-68259 Mannheim
Germany tel 0621 794597

A Mrs Gehrke is responsible for making the appointments in my Appointment book .

The Travel costs must be covered at in form of travel tickets arranged before the appointment needed I prefer to travel by train or plain for long distances and to stay localy by individuals rather than hotels , Someone will have to look after me while I am visiting to collect me from the airport or station and back again .

Please visit regularly the homepage of the European Radio Astronomy Club. Comments and questions to erachq@aol.com are very appreciated. Please contact webmaster@eracnet.org if you encounter any problems with this web site.