3rd ERAC Congress September 2003 in Heppenheim

Pictures have been taken by Steffi Kantz (Germany),
Christian Monstein (Switzerland) and Jürgen Morawietz (Germany)

Please send all comments and further pictures you might have taken during Congress to webmaster@eracnet.org
All congress materials can be found here

The Magic of Microstrip

Prof Paul Shuch, SETI League USA

Printed curcuit board CAD

Peter Wright, ERAC Germany

Visit to Rainer Foertig Electronic


Time for technical discussions
...a good SETI song

Gravitation Correlated with Light

Rudolf Kiesslinger, Germany

Lecture (German) available at: wegalink.eu/research/german/gravitation

Mapping the Big Bang

Prof Ian Morison (The Jodrell Bank Observatory, Great Britain)

The Ultimate Broadband Receiver

Determination of solar radiation on earth with a compensation experiment
Steffi Kantz, Graf-Rasso-Gymnasium, Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany
together with her father Eckhard Kantz
(Photo taken by David Hukill)

Solar Radio Astronomy at the Ondrejov Observatory

Karel Jiricka, Czech National Observatory

David Woolley, SETI League Great Britain

Radio Spectrometer Hardware and Software

Eckhard Kantz, ERAC Germany

Signal for Lunch Break

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The Congress 2003 group picture

Lunch break

An Adaptive Optics System for the VLT

From the first idea to the first results

Dr. Lenzen, Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg

The Multiwavelength Milky Way

Yasmin A. Walter, Germany

Tea and Coffee break

Tune in to the Universe

Prof Paul Shuch, SETI League USA

Prof Paul Shuch from the SETI League playing Radio Astronomy Shanties

Direct Digital Synthesis

Logarithmic Amplifiers

Dipl-Ing James Bryant, Analog Devices

Starkenburg and View on Heppenheim

Assignment of the DSP-FFT Award

(Satellite TV as a Time Frequency Reference)

Detecting the signal from a 1 Watt Mars probe transmitter

Marko Cebokli, Slovenia

CALLISTO, a low cost Radio Spectrometer

Christian Monstein, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

The CALLISTO Microcontroller

Hansueli Meyer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

A VHF Receiving System for Meteor Counting,
Northern-Lights Detection and other Phenomena

Rob Stammes, ERAC (mailto:r.stammes@quicknet.nl)

SETI Horn of Plenty

Prof Paul Shuch, SETI League, USA

LOFAR RFI Monitoring or THEA

Jürgen Morawietz, Netherlands Foundation for Radio Astronomy

(SETI League photo)

UFO Beliefs - a Psychological Approach

Maria-Michaela Habram-Blanke, PSILAB

(3rd picture: SETI League photo)

Solar Flare Detection on VLF and an X-ray Tube

Eric Smith, ERAC, Belgium

(SETI League photo)

Amateur Solar Astronomy on VHF

Alain Nierveze "And Family", France

(SETI League photo)

Assignment of the DSP-FFT Award

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