The Fifth International Congress for Radio Astronomy

 The European Radio Astronomy Club

At the

University of Applied Science(FH Wieblingen ) Heidelberg Germany

4th to the 6th of September, 2009 

        Official Congress Program      


Thursday3rd of September  “Early Arrivals” will meet for a beer in the Heidelberger Altstadt (Old Town) Near the Old Heidelberger Bridge in the Steingasse 9 at  the Wirtshaus VETTERS  with its own Brewery inside,  we have a table reserved from 19:00  Onward for ERAC


Friday the 4th of September  (Workshop Day)   On Campus  Bonhöfer Str 11  2nd Floor  Department of Electrical Engineering

10:00       CAD Circuit design using Sprint layout                

11:30        SMD Soldering 

12:30       Dinner break, at Café Liberty on campus next to the Boarding house

14:00       Understanding S Parameters “Using Agilent  S Parameter Tester Live “  Agilent                                                                     

19:00       End of the first day.           Drinks  on Campus  LibertyBonnhöfer Str 8

Saturday the 5th of September In the Science Tower Great Lecture hall at the Base   Ludwig Gutman Str 6 on Campus

08:00       Official Opening  Peter Wright, ERAC President,  Prof P Shuch  SETI League Executive Director, SARA 30 min

08:30       Designing Low noise Amplifiers the  E PHEMT as MMIC Peter Wright  ERAC President  15 Min

09:00       Introduction to SETI Science and Technology  Prof Dr Paul Shuch  SETI League USA 30 min      

09:30       The Radio Telescope Mannheim Upgrade 2007- 2009  Peter Wright  ERAC President  30 Min

10:00       Welcoming address   University of Applied Science  Heidelberg  Prof Dr Dr Winterberg  SRH Heidelberg 30 min

10:15      Interferometry and Circular Polarisation Measurements in Radio Astronomy Dr David Fields SARA USA 30 min

10:45       Short Tea and Coffee Break 

11:00       Cosmic Rays the Highest Energies in the Universe Dr Jörg Hörandel Radbound University Nijmegen Holland 60 Min                 

12:00       Official Group Photo In front of the Science Tower 10 Min   followed by a “Brisk”  walk to Dinner

12:15       Dinner break, at Liberty on campus next to the Boarding house

13:30       The Expanding Planets.  Prof Dr-Ing Konstantin Meyl University of Furtwangen Black Forrest Germany 120 Min                   

15:30        Short Tea and Coffee break 15 min

15:45      LNA Cooling Peter Wright  ERAC President  30 Min

16:15       The Multiwavelength Galactic centre SgrA  Ms Yasmin Walter University of Frankfurt  40 min

17:00       The Landes Sternwarte Heidelberg  Bernhard Keil Centre for astronomy University of Heidelberg (Film)

17:30       Project Argus Update Prof Dr Paul Shuch  SETI League USA 30 min

18:00       The Optical Lunar Opposition Effect  Prof Dr Elmar Schmidt University of Applied Science Heidelberg  30 min

18:30       Radio Eyes  The Future of  our Radio Astronomy, Global Joint Observing  and VLBI  Peter Wright  ERAC President               

19:00       ARGOS Spectrometer Search for Extragalactic Radio Transients, Dipl. Ing. Christian Monstein, ETH Zürich

20:00       End of the First Day  we all go off to the Official Congress Banquet.   on Campus

22:30       Possibility to Visit the Landes Sternwarte Heidelberg  “Attach yourselves to Bernhard Keil” we need car drivers ! 

Sunday the 6th of September In the Science Tower Great Lecture hall at the Base                                             

09:30       Opening Coffee 

10:00       The Noise free far side of the Moon and the Future of Radio Astronomy Prof Claudio Maccone  University of Turin Italy 30 min  

10:30       Spacecraft Reception on 8.4GHz with a 1.8m Dish  Dipl-ing Wolfgang Arnold Germany 30min

11:00       International Spectrometer Network CALLISTO Dipl-Ing Christian Monstein  Institute of Astronomy ETH Zurich Switzerland 60

12:00       Dinner break, at Liberty on campus next to the Boarding house        

13:30       The Day the Earth stood out  Prof Dr Paul Shuch  SETI League USA 30 min

14:00       Beyond the FFT : Extraction of weak signals from Noise plus Data Compression by the KLT Prof Claudio Maccone   30 min  

14:30       Monitoring Solar Activity by observing Satellites  Martin Bertges 30 min

15:00       Coffee break                         

15:30       Non-local Signal Transfer between Atomic Nuclei (Timewave Research)  Dipl.-Ing. Eckhard Kantz 45 min

18:15       A New way of planning SETI Searches by the STATISTICAL Drake Equation Prof Claudio Maccone   30 min         

18:45       ???                          Slots for  Brought Lectures “ Always many “                   

19:15       ???

20:00       Official End of the fifth   International Congress for Radio Astronomy . or maybe later depending on late lectures

The Survivors meet again for a final feed again at  Liberty                                  

Emergency Telephone Info - Peter: 01736366076

Restaurant on Campus LIBERTY on the Bonhöfer Strasse 8  behind the boarding house

This Event is open to Registered Members and Guests as well as Lecturers and Students of the University City of Heidelberg.

Contact info: Peter Wright Ziethen STR 97 68259 Mannheim 0621 794597

Emergency Hotels : High Class  reasonable price Hollander Hof 06221 60500

ETAP Hotel Langlachweg 18, 68229 Mannheim – Friedrichsfeld 0621 48 47 620

Or find one in heidelberg via tourist information 06221 1422 ext 24 or 25 or 26  the Congress is in Heidelberg Wieblingen



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We are pleased to inform you of our next International Congress For Radio Astronomy which takes place at the University of Applied Science (FH) Heidelberg ( It will be held Friday the 4th, Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of September 2009 in the Great Lecture hall of the "Science Tower". Rooms are available for early bookers for 68.50 Euro per night (Single) and 99 Euro per night (Double) including breakfast.

These events, held every 3 years, are hosted by The European Radio Astronomy Club, an organisation with over 250 members in 16 different countries, pledged to assist and inform interests in Radio Astronomy, both Professional and Amateur. As in previous years, the organisation of this important event is in the good hands of Peter Wright, ERAC's President, who is also a teacher in the field of Communications electronics at the Fachhochschule (FH) Heidelberg.

An Important link to the Wikipedia, all you need to know about Heidelberg site :

The 5th ERAC Congress will be Co-Hosted, as before, by the SETI League and its Executive Director, Prof. Dr. H. Paul Shuch. This is a 3 day event with lectures and workshops, as well as the chance to visit Heidelberg, Germany’s finest University city .

The congress will be on campus with the hotel as well as the mid day food and directly next to the Lecture hall the Tram car is situated which takes everyone directly into the old city of Heidelberg for the evening banquet. This is also a wonderful opportunity to bring along your wifes Or Partner as the city of Heidelberg is only 5 minutes away which allows wonderful shopping during the day when the men are at the congress. In other words, the 5th ERAC Congress is wonderful for the family, so no excuses are open for not bringing the partner, especially the cheep price of the double room.

In the evenings we will come together also at

on campus and there will be much opportunity for talking to people whom you listened to during congress lectures or with whom you have exchanged mails between Congress events.

See also: or just google "Heidelberg"

Live cam:

The following images showing the Heidelberg Castle have been taken by Kai-Erik Ballak:

On Friday, guests will be arriving from all over the world, professionals from radio astronomy sites, instituts and universities as well as many amateur radio astronomers. This is the chance of a lifetime for Scientists to have a wonderful weekend as well as their wifes or partner a wonderful short holiday!

Please click on one of the following links (flags) to the Guesthouse:

Booking (German) Booking (English) Information about the Guesthouse of SRH

The University town of Heidelberg is World famous being also the home of important scientific institutions like for example The Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomy, Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Astronomisches Recheninstitut, Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, Verlag "Sterne und Weltraum" and many more. It has a Main Line Railway Station and Frankfurt International Airport is Just around the Corner. An Hourly Schuttle bus leaves the airport directly for Heidelberg City. Ask Lufthansa where it leaves from, the price is very cheep!

For a complete information package of Heidelberg with maps, special offers, all the things to see, please write to and state: "Attention Mrs Seiferling, I wish to attend the 5th International Congress for Radio Astronomy 4th 5th 6th of September 2009 at the University of Applied Science (FH Heidelberg). Could you please send me the information package reserved for me as arranged with Mr Wright from ERAC." You should now place in your name and address and send off the e-mail!

Friday the 4th will be a workshop day, the official opening of the Congress will be at 09:00 hrs and the Congress will continue till about 19:00 hrs, with a long lunch break at noon. In the evening, we will be gathering for our evening meal, once again open ended. Saturday and Sunday will be a lot of lectures with the same schedule as on Friday, finishing on Sunday at 17:00 hrs.

Here is a placemark to the Mannheim Radio Telescope that will be visited Friday afternoon:

Mannheim Radio Telescope

and this is a description how to get there:

To Get to the ERAC Radio Telescope Site in Mannheim please observe the following: The Radio Telescope is Situated in an area Called the Bürgerpark "Peoples Park". This is the discription for a piece of green that no local knows of at all to be perfectly honest! It is situated on the Edge of Feudenheim, the Village part of Mannheim I live in. The Bürger park is Surrounded by the next Village Wallstadt and a new town area called Käfertal Süd so that explained things roughly on the big map. Let me give you the directions now as if you were comming from Heidelberg.

From the Heidelberg Autobahn leave at the Sign post Feudenheim Neckerau Maimarkt Neuostheim. This is the first Right off the Autobahn sharp, do not continue to Neckerau. This is the other direction of the Autobahn you are now aiming for, drive onto this new Piece on Short Autobahn and keep on it. To your left you will see the airfield of the Mannheimer Neuostheimer area and with it on your road a traffic light next to the end of the runway. Keep on going straight. The road will go up a bit and cross first the River Neckar then the Neckar Channel. Keep on going now, the road goes up hill at the end of a right curve to stop at a crossing with Traffic Lights. Left goes into the town, right goes into Feudenheim and I live near here just keep going on straight however.

Now after crossing railway lines for the tram you will be seeing also tram lines to your right. Drive about 600 Meters and in front of will loom up unfortunatly an American Barracks Spinellie. The road forks here and to your right is a very high block of flats in Red. Now turn Right at this fork in the direction of Wallstadt. After about 100 meters, to the left is the end fence of the Barracks and you will be at a crossroads again. Get into the left lane here. The Crossing is on the road you are now on the Wingersbuckel with the Talstrasse. Now turn left and drive over the Tram lines into the Dead end of the Talstrasse, a small industrial estate! Immediately after crossing the tram lines you will see a wide path road going into the green of the park directly behind the tram stop. Drive along this small road at slow speed watching out for pedestrians. Keep on going till you see to the Left of you a large Parabolic Dish in the field. You have arrived. Park please to the right next to the shrubbs and trees. Please be aware at all times for Dogs and people who are walking along this road also.

To close, as usual, Dr Paul Shuch from the SETI League will be playing Radio Astronomy Shanties in the afternoon sun.

Contact Information:
The European Radio Astronomy Club , Ziethen Str 97, D-68259 Mannheim Germany
Tel Home ++49 (0)621 794597 Mobile 0173 6366 076 Work ++49(0)6221 512470.

How to find the University of Applied Science (FH Heidelberg):

Once arrived at the FH Heidelberg the Congress and Hotel are here:

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