The European Radio Astronomy Club
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Federal Republic of Germany, European Union
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You have landed on the web page of the organisation in Europe who helps people do Radio Astronomy.

Our main tool is a Newsletter in Paper form which goes out Quarterly to all members which you may also receive from the address above if you subscribe.

Founded in 1995 we have now over 350 Members in 19 different countries with a good representation of both Amateurs, Professionals, Students or Professionals from other related fields. A large number own their own Radio Telescopes and we exchange Information regularly via the Newsletters.

Every 3 years we hold an International Congress for Radio Astronomy and in September 2006 we will be holding the Fourth one once again with guests from all over the world.

You may mail us at

In Mannheim, Germany we have our own Radio Telescope which is used for Development and Testing of new ideas which may be visited by appointment.

Wissenschaftszentrum Rhein-Neckar

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Approved Radio Astronomy Network Software

The tool ERAC is using Worldwide to Control via the web its Radio Telescopes

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The tool ERAC is using to Transfer Data worldwide via the web

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Here is a link to the Mannheim Radio Telescope on Google. Just click and open it:

Mannheim Radio Telescope

and this is a description how to get there:

To Get to the ERAC Radio Telescope Site in Mannheim please observe the following: The Radio Telescope is Situated in an area Called the Bürgerpark "Peoples Park". This is the discription for a piece of green that no local knows of at all to be perfectly honest! It is situated on the Edge of Feudenheim, the Village part of Mannheim I live in. The Bürger park is Surrounded by the next Village Wallstadt and a new town area called Käfertal Süd so that explained things roughly on the big map. Let me give you the directions now as if you were comming from Heidelberg.

From the Heidelberg Autobahn leave at the Sign post Feudenheim Neckerau Maimarkt Neuostheim. This is the first Right off the Autobahn sharp, do not continue to Neckerau. This is the other direction of the Autobahn you are now aiming for, drive onto this new Piece on Short Autobahn and keep on it. To your left you will see the airfield of the Mannheimer Neuostheimer area and with it on your road a traffic light next to the end of the runway. Keep on going straight. The road will go up a bit and cross first the River Neckar then the Neckar Channel. Keep on going now, the road goes up hill at the end of a right curve to stop at a crossing with Traffic Lights. Left goes into the town, right goes into Feudenheim and I live near here just keep going on straight however.

Now after crossing railway lines for the tram you will be seeing also tram lines to your right. Drive about 600 Meters and in front of will loom up unfortunatly an American Barracks Spinellie. The road forks here and to your right is a very high block of flats in Red. Now turn Right at this fork in the direction of Wallstadt. After about 100 meters, to the left is the end fence of the Barracks and you will be at a crossroads again. Get into the left lane here. The Crossing is on the road you are now on the Wingersbuckel with the Talstrasse. Now turn left and drive over the Tram lines into the Dead end of the Talstrasse, a small industrial estate! Immediately after crossing the tram lines you will see a wide path road going into the green of the park directly behind the tram stop. Drive along this small road at slow speed watching out for pedestrians. Keep on going till you see to the Left of you a large Parabolic Dish in the field. You have arrived. Park please to the right next to the shrubbs and trees. Please be aware at all times for Dogs and people who are walking along this road also.

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